About Worksavelive.com

This site is a place for people to discuss technology related businesses. The mission is to help entrepreneurs and startups grow by providing them with the necessary tools to succeed, as well as give advice from those who have been there before. This can be done through regular posts, videos, and podcasts.

The content on worksavelive.com includes topics about marketing your product/service, finding venture capital firms that will invest in you, success stories from other companies, etc…

In addition to the website content we plan on having a video podcast included with the About Us page that would include discussions about startup growth and funding issues among others related topics. We also have a blog section which will use relevant articles from outside sources as well as original content to create a curated list of articles that are relevant to the readers.

Today, if you have an idea or product that you think has potential for success, it’s harder than ever before to get off the ground without any outside help. That is one of the biggest purposes for this site. We want people who can contribute in meaningful ways at all stages of business growth.

The founders are two technology entrepreneurs with engineering backgrounds who have started their own businesses by themselves and know how difficult it can be to get funding when your company needs it most. The hope is that this site will provide information about where money might be found at different stages in a startup’s life cycle while also providing advice from experienced founders that have been through these types of things before.

Our philosophy is to help the most number of people for the lowest amount of effort, so we’ve been working on a model that will provide entrepreneurs with all types of resources tailored to their specific needs. The idea is not to create “one-size-fits-all” advice, but keep business value elusive by giving actionable information directly related to the context of individual businesses (type, stage, size, etc). We also want to make sure that everything we write about can be backed up by academic research if possible. This should give our site an extra level of credibility based on real scientific principles rather than opinion based advice.

The purpose here is to equip entrepreneurs with knowledge and methods that allow them to solve the problems they will inevitably face while starting up. We want to make sure that no matter what kind of company someone starts, there is some resource available for them on our site to help along the way. Whether it’s providing funding or advice about how to approach a specific business issue, we want worksavelive.com to be a one stop shop for all things related to technology businesses.