Why Planning for Christmas in July Makes Sense

Even though hot temperatures of July are as far removed from winter in December, starting your holiday shopping plans in the middle of summer can do wonders for your budget and satisfy your love for gift-giving. There are many Christmas in July-type celebrations people enjoy but it should be a reminder to all consumers that the holiday spending spree is just 6 short months away and it is a perfect time to start planning and saving for the holiday rush.


Save Money on Christmas Shopping

Here are 5 tips that can help get you into the holiday spirit – if only financially speaking:

Calculate Your Money

From the first day of July, there are approximately 19 full weeks to work on saving before the big holiday. If you multiply 19 weeks by $50 a week set aside, you’ll have saved $950 by the week before Christmas day. If that amount is not enough or you plan to head out to the Black Friday sales, you’ll have to rearrange your math a little to get you to your goal. Make sure to mark it on your yearly calendar that as of the first of July you need to get your plan in place.

Start Stocking Up

There is no golden rule that you have to buy holiday gifts immediately before the holidays. Purchasing in advance can you save a lot of money on Christmas gifts. Now is a great time for you to make a list and check it often whenever you are at the mall. Snag some of the summer clearance items that make great gifts especially beach towels, garden paraphernalia, and other things going on drastic clearance during the last few weeks of summer. Write down the gifts you get for people early in the year so as not to forget what you have or where you hid it. You could possibly knock out your entire shopping list between July and December.

Look for Decorating Deals Online

When you have the urge to check out online deals, enter a search for Christmas decorations. If you start looking off-season, you may be able to find some great deals on lights, tree decorations, and other accessories for very cheap. You can also stock up gradually on other related items like storage tubs and things you need for holiday celebrations.

Create a Holiday Planning Worksheet

Most people have problems getting all the things they want done during the busy holiday season. Now that you have time to relax, sit down and write out all the things you want to do for the holidays such as address holiday cards, purchases the items you need for entertaining, and other activities you neglect when you don’t have the time. By having a 5 month head-start, you’ll be less stressed and more inclined to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. You can map out your plans well in advance so you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

Out With the Old

When you have a free weekend, go through your current supply of holiday stuff. Decorations, gift wrap, gift boxes, and presents of Christmas past can be sorted and all of the things you no longer want or need can be put up for sale online or host a Christmas In July-themed yard sale. There’s no need to repurchase items you already own. Those dollars can be better spent elsewhere. Print out a few blank copies of your holiday planning worksheet and give/sell them to your customers to get them in the early spirit of the holidays. Earmark your profits to be the starting deposit for next year’s Christmas Club.

With the busy lifestyles we lead, it is easy to fall behind. By planning for one of the most expensive times of the year well in advance you’ll likely save more money and time than you ever thought possible.

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  1. This is totally how I get down! I love having a stash ready to go and a list of gift ideas stored in google docs, so I’m not stuck for inspiration when the time comes.

  2. Martin says:

    I do this the whole year! I have a savings account named X-mass 2013 and i am saving $40 monthly whole year round plus one time contributions when available. In November – December I plunge the account, but continue saving for the next year. It is not a hurdle for the budget and I have at least 480 available for gifts.

  3. You are very right. Planning for holiday spending should be done in advance. Create a shopping list so you can have a more realistic budget.

  4. Thomas says:

    I agree that shopping for certain things in July or August is best. For our kids we tend to wait as some many things get released just before the holidays or black friday that getting too much would led to missing out on the gifts some really want. You will be the crowd and save a lot though I must admit. We try to get most of the things done in September. July has too much going on. And then August is back to school for the kids.

  5. Those are really good tips. You know what they say, “things are inexpensive when off-season.” 🙂

  6. Mary Slagel says:

    This is a great idea! I always find myself trying to budget and come up with gift ideas before the holidays roll around but I never end up accomplishing what I want and have found myself in the last few years on Christmas Eve frantically searching the mall. Luckily, I get my mom the same thing every year–a pink sweater and my Dad refuses gifts so it just leaves me to find something for my sisters, boyfriend, and grandparents.

  7. Alex says:

    You forgot to mention the huge decrease in stress when you plan ahead and avoid the last minute rush that happens closer to Christmas.

    Great advice!

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