Do You Want to Pay Off Debt – Join the Debt Movement

Do You Want to Pay Off Debt?

Well, the time is here…

The time to decide if you finally want to stop struggling with money. The time to get your junk together and take steps toward paying off the mounds of debt you have.

It’s the time to look yourself in the mirror and make that decision once-and-for-all, either:

  1. you’re going to do what’s necessary to win with money and change your life or
  2. you’re not going to bother with something that challenging and will continue to live as you have been.

If you happen to choose the former then…

…The “Debt Movement” is for YOU

Join us in paying off $10,000,000 worth of debt over 90 days!!

Well, it’s needless to say but many of them told me that they had debt – quite a large percentage carried significant amounts and some had over $100,000 (which is how much I had 6 years ago) – and they also told me they wanted help and a plan to pay it off!

If you were one of those people OR if you want to pay off debt, then for the next 30 days, WorkSaveLive will give you all of the information you need to help get you started paying off debt.

On top of the education and information our team of writers will be providing, there is a whole site dedicated to the Debt Movement which will provide further education, testimonies, and stories from bloggers and readers about overcoming their personal battles with debt. The movement was started and launched by Jeff Rose and you can check out the official site here:

So, What Is the Debt Movement & What Do You Have to Do?

You don’t have to participate in the movement if you don’t want to. You can visit WSL or the DebtMovement website, read some great articles, and gain invaluable tips and advice on how you can pay off your own debt.


You can join in on the fun and help pay off $10,000,000 worth of debt over 90 days!! If that sounds like your cup of tea, then here’s what will go down:

1. Learn as much as you can over the next 30 days.

While the movement is “launching” today, the next month is all about educating you and giving you the tools you need to get out of debt. Here at WSL we’re going to have:

  • articles on a few easy ways you can make extra money.
  • a few posts about how to tackle your debt.
  • reviews on 2 tools that will help you pay off your debt more quickly – one of which gives you free money to help pay down your student loans faster!
  • 3-4 readers will even be submitting their budgets for me to review and critique! My hope is that you can learn from each of the reviews I do and get insights on how you can pay off debt and create a better budget.
  • last but not least, later this month I will be releasing my FREE 7-part e-course. While it’s not entirely focused on helping you get out of debt, it is focused on helping you increase income and save money (which go hand-in-hand with paying off debt).

If you don’t want to miss any of the action (i.e. advice), then sign
up by email
to get an update any time we post a new article.

If you’re a new reader and aren’t exactly sure where to get started, then check out some of my old posts and brush up on budgeting principles and why you need an emergency fund. If you’re interested in saving money then check out how to save on your monthly grocery budget, on a home security system, or save money on college textbooks.

So, for the month of January, learn as much as you can and start implementing the tips and strategies whenever they’re applicable to you.

2. Join the Movement!!

It’s really easy to get started. Click the “JOIN US” button on the box below and register for ReadyForZero, the official debt pay off tool for the Debt Movement (and the tool that’s going to help us keep track of ever penny of debt that’s paid off). For those of you that haven’t used ReadyForZero, I’ll be writing an article about their tool in the coming days.

3. Start to PAY OFF DEBT on February 1st!

At the start of February it’ll be time to take all that you’ve learned, apply it to your life, and start working on GETTING OUT OF DEBT!!! The Debt Movement will last a total of 90 days and the clock will start ticking on 2/1.

Over the course of that 90-day period we’re hoping to help people pay off a combined $10,000,000 worth of debt! I will place the widget above on the sidebar of my website so that you’ll be able to join in on the movement at any time while also tracking along with how much debt is being paid off!

4. Enter to win the Scholarships.

Go HERE to read more about the “debt scholarships.” Who in the world wouldn’t want a chance to win a $2,000, $1,000, or $500 scholarship to help you pay off debt faster?!?

5. Get to it! Pay off as much debt as you possibly can!

There will no longer be reasons as to why you can’t pay off debt…or finally take the steps to change your life. You’ll have the knowledge and know-how, you’ll have the community involvement and support, and hopefully that will help you develop the desire and passion that’s needed to GET OUT OF DEBT!.

If I’ve learned anything over the 6 years that we’ve spent paying off debt, it’s this: your journey will be difficult, trying, and there will be moments (lots in-fact) that you’ll want to give up. Your friends will think you’re crazy; you may have to pack your lunch, every day, for 4 years straight (as I have); your socks will get lots of holes in them before you buy new ones, and it may be necessary to start wearing gloves, scarfs, and double layers in the house (as Mrs. WSL does) as you look to save on your gas/electric bill by turning down the furnace this winter. Lastly, there is a chance you won’t see your spouse, friends, or children again for some time (as you work as much as possible to make extra money), and to top it off, you may even have to resign yourself to the hearty, well-balanced meal of Ramen noodles a few times a week.

Despite the rock-star lifestyle one experiences when working to pay off debt, all I can tell you is that it’ll be worth it in the end. Just fight through the first few (difficult) months, get the ball rolling, and the rest is downhill from there.

About the Author

By , on Jan 2, 2013
Andy Tenton
Andy is a 30-something New Yorker who turned his financial life around. He took charge of his finances, got out of debt, and is now working his way toward financial success. He is the publisher of

How to Become Rich e-Course

Budgeting 101


  1. The Debt movement sounds awesome. People will be much better off when it’s over!

  2. I’m excited to take part in this! Thanks for the info!

  3. Sounds like a great plan and lots of information for those that need it.

  4. Pauline says:

    Great post full of energy about an awesome project! I am in as well to kick debt hard!

  5. I have never seen an idea like this before. I believe it’s genius, paying off 10 million in 90 days is definitely attainable. I can’t wait to see the results. I believe they will be far greater.

  6. Just joined! This is such a great idea!

    • Andy says:

      I wish I could take credit for it, but Jeff is certainly the one to think. I’m excited to see how close the movement gets to the $10M goal!

  7. I’m all about this, brother! Excited for the budget reviews and to get the (snow?)ball rolling! I’m joining this movement myself as I attempt to pay off my student loans!

    • Andy says:

      I just got the first budget sent to me yesterday and need to get on reviewing it. I’m hoping to have it put up by next week! Good luck in your personal snowball party!

  8. I joined the Movement. Because 2013 is going to be the year that I become credit card debt free… for the first time since I was 18.

  9. Just joined! I’m stoked that the Debt Movement is finally here; This is an awesome way to kick off the New Year!

  10. Debt Roundup says:

    Nice post Andy. I just wrote about the Debt Movement as well. I hope everyone will get the much needed motivation to pay down their debt and see the results. Here is to the next 90 days!

  11. I think this is a great way to get the new year started in the right direction. Initiatives like this can really help jump start people an motivate them in the right direction.

  12. Anytime debt is getting paid down, I am happy.
    Hopefully this movement lights a fire under some folks!!

    • Andy says:

      I don’t see how it couldn’t! There will be a lot of posts written about it and a lot of awareness spread. Hopefully as people see the amount of debt paid off they get motivated to join in on the fun.

  13. Great idea! I wonder, of those who listed debt of at least $100k if any included their mortgage in that? Regardless, I am always a proponent of getting debt paid off. It sucked being in it up to my eyeballs myself, but it was so worth it to get out from under it.

  14. Great idea Andy. Hopefully this can help a lot of people to understand just how simple paying off debt can be when you put your mind to it.

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