Walmart MoneyCard vs. Greendot Prepaid Cards

A while back I had a conversation with one of my friends as to how difficult it was for people to pay bills that didn’t have the ability to open a checking account. Frankly, it’s another one of those things that most people take for granted.

For a long time the only real solution was to cash paychecks at places like Walmart, and then carry around cash for the entire month! Although I’m a firm believer in paying in cash, could you imagine how hard it is to pay bills if all you have is cash? You can’t write checks and you can’t pay bills online.

While some have gone the route of paying bills at retail locations or using money orders to make payments, there are products like the WalMart MoneyCard and Greendot prepaid cards that offer an alternate solution.

I’m not an advocate of the high fees that the WalMart MoneyCard and Green dot money card charges, the reality is that people cashing paychecks at places like Walmart have to pay a fee regardless. They can also get away with the fees because there is a need for this sort of product.

Furthermore, the Walmart MoneyCard and Greendot cards aren’t the only prepaid cards out there! I have a great tool below that will help my readers compare some of the other Prepaid Cards (and their fees).

For starters though, let’s compare the two main prepaid cards:

Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart MoneyCard MasterCard Prepaid Card

  • No credit check or bank account required on the MoneyCard!
  • $3 Monthly Service feeIf you load or reload at least $1,000 to your Walmart MoneyCard during a calendar month, they will waive the Monthly Service Fee for your Walmart MoneyCard the next calendar month.
  • $2 ATM fee & $1 Balance inquiry fee (plus any fee the ATM owner may charge)
  • $3 fee if you reload the MoneyCard at a Walmart location
  • NO FEES for direct deposit
  • The Walmart MoneyCard offers a $10 bonus with a $250 (or more) recurring direct deposit (limited time only)

Greendot Card

green dot money card

  • No credit check or bank account required for the Greendot card either!
  • Up to a $4.95 initial purchase price
  • $5.95 Monthly Service feeYou can avoid a monthly charge on the Greendot card in any month that you have at least 30 purchases post to your Card or load $1,000.
  • No fee cash withdrawals at participating MoneyPass® ATMs nationwide. Click here to find a MoneyPass® ATM near you
  • $2.50 fee at non-MoneyPass ATMs (plus any fee the ATM owner may charge); $.50 for balance inquiry at non-network ATMs
  • Up to $4.95 fee if you reload the Greendot card at one of their retail locations (fee varies based on location)
  • NO FEES for direct deposit

Overall, I’d suggest that the Walmart MoneyCard is a better value as long as you’re not constantly using ATMs. The Greendot card’s fees are just a little too high unless you can deposit enough (or spend enough) to get the monthly fee waived.

With all of that said, I’d urge my readers to use the tool below and sift through some of the other great prepaid cards. After reviewing most of the carriers, I believe the UPside Visa Prepaid Card is the best offer available.

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