Save Money With Coupons This Holiday Season

I’m a big fan of frugality, and an easy way to do this is with coupons. Many people only seem to think that coupons work for groceries or household commodities, but coupons are great ways to save on holiday gifts.

This may sound cheap, but I think it is perfectly acceptable to get a deal on a gift to give to someone. Here are some simple ways to save money this holiday season with coupons or other discounts.

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Holiday Coupon Books

The first thing you should look at are the holiday coupon books that most retailers send out in mid-November. They major toy stores and retailers all put together a package of toys that they think will be the hot sellers this year. The usually mail these out to their best, most loyal customers, but you can also usually pick up extra copies at their customer service counters or registers.

Inside these coupon books are great coupons for toys and other hot holiday items, like electronics and even kitchen appliances. With the push to online shopping, some retailers may even include active coupon codes inside the catalogs.

Manufacturer Coupons

During this time of year, many manufacturers will also offer coupons on their products, or other special discounts. This is the time when manufacturers can clear out their current inventory and start getting ready for the new year. That is why you sometimes see great offers directly from the manufacturer.

Beyond coupons, you may also find special purchases, such as bundle sets, put together by the manufacturer. Right now, there are some great bundles around televisions, especially with bundling together Blu-Ray players or soundbars.

Online Coupons

There are always online coupons to different retailers that you may be able to take advantage of this holiday season. For some, there are many online only retailers that will try to be competitive this holiday season. Some will offer discounts directly, but others will require you to find coupons for them.

For example, may offer discounted pricing or free shipping automatically for certain qualifying orders. However, other online stores may make you download free shipping codes in order to get the same deal. Just make sure that you are looking around for the best deals.

Shop Around

Finally, don’t hesitate to shop around and see where you can get the best deal. Some stores, like Costco, may offer the lowest regular price, but other stores may offer coupons or bundles that make it a better deal.

Price matching will also be huge this holiday season, with most retailers agreeing to match each others prices on almost all items. The difference will inevitably be made up by coupons and other promos, and you’ll just have to be vigilant to find the best ones. With the price match strategy, I think there will be an increase in coupon offers promoted to customers at just about every store.

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  1. CF says:

    Good suggestions. If I buy any gifts from Best Buy or something similar, I often look for discounted gift cards to use on the purchase.

  2. Those are some great tips. Too bad I buy for so many adults that I usually can’t find too much savings with.

  3. If there is a time of year we will see many coupons it is during the holidays. Those neat little coupon booklets you can pick up for around $20 and they are jam packed with coupons. A young lady was at my door a few weeks ago selling this book although there were many coupons we won’t use as restaurants,bowling, car washes etc but it might be something that someone else would use. Don’t forget great ol price matching and some retailers will beat a competitors price. Don’t be shy to negotiate! Great post Andy. Mr.CBB

  4. Sarah says:

    Andy, do you have any examples of specific merchants? And for babies as well?

  5. Mackenzie says:

    If you are looking for toys, Target and Toys R Us usually put out coupon books for Christmas filled with toys that you can save money on. In fact, the Toys R Us book already came and I am starting to earmark some things for my daughter.

  6. My wife has an app on her droid that finds discounts for everything. I cant think of what it is but before paying she is always saying hold on I got a coupon. I am always like here we go again be she always finds deals. She was at NewYork & Co and found a coupon for buy 200$ worth pay $100.

  7. Michelle says:

    I’m always looking for coupons around this time of year. So many stores have them now!

  8. I also will always look for a coupon code when I am doing any shopping online. There are also shopping websites like eBates that will give you cash back on purchases.

  9. I always check for coupon codes when shopping online but don’t come across physical coupons too often as I don’t get the newspaper. They definitely save money if you use the right ones.

    • Andy says:

      For awhile my wife and I got the Sunday paper simply for the coupons. You can easily save the cost of the paper by all of the coupons you get!

  10. Sometimes it is hard to compare an item with one that is being sold at Costco or other warehouse clubs because many times, they have their own “special” model that you can’t buy anywhere else. I’m not saying this makes it better, it just makes it a little more difficult to compare. You can’t just go off of model number.

    My trick is to use cash back sites. I either use ebates or the shopping mall that is tied to my credit card. I see which one offers more cash back and unless I can find cheaper elsewhere (I usually can’t) I go with one of these.

    • Andy says:

      That’s what I’ll be doing when we buy our washer and dryer. If I can’t find it significantly cheaper then I’m going to use the store where I’m getting 5% back on my credit card!

  11. Nice post. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saving a little money on gifts this time of year. We use a lot of these practices to help our budget stretch further.

  12. I was not aware that there are seasonal coupon opportunities, but I will keep my eyes open this year. Thanks Andy!

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