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Tacos - IYCR

Brown meat then add taco seasoning and 1/2 cup of water. For this recipe I used a sweet cumin taco seasoning, a new product from one of my fellow bloggers, If You Can Read, You Can Cook.

He has started his own line of taco seasonings and let me tell you that it was amazing! Once we’re out of the sweet cumin jar we’ll definitely order us up the medium and hot taco seasonings that he offers. If you’re interested in buying some of the taco seasoning, click on the link in the ingredient list or you can go directly to his taco seasoning store.

Browned Turkey with Taco Seasoning

Taco Seasoning

Get your toppings ready. We go your traditional route: shredded lettuce and cheese, chopped tomatoes, salsa, and sour cream (which we use Greek yogurt to be a little more healthy).

Taco toppings

Serve the meat mixture into the shells then add the toppings.

If You Can Read, You Can Cook Tacos

To change things up Toots went with a taco salad instead.

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By , on Jun 13, 2012
Andy Tenton
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  1. Jon Rhodes says:

    Thanks for this! It is surprising how simple and how much cheaper and better it is to make some things for yourself.

  2. I love love love taco night! Especially when its my night to cook. It’s quick & easy, and a quick clean up. As many have commented before me, I never thought of using greek yogurt to substitute out sour cream. That will add a twist to our next taco night. :o) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Taco night is a big hit in our house. I will have to try this seasoning! I usually make a big batch of meat and then freeze leftover portions for quick meals.

  4. I love tacos. Whenever beef goes on sale, we stock-up and use it mostly for tacos.

    I have to say it looks much more appealing once you doled everything out as opposed to when you had all the packages out on the counter.


  5. AverageJoe says:

    So why do I wait until lunchtime to read this post? I’m glad to see the great review of the taco seasoning. I was curious about it. Now, I’d love to stay and talk but there’s a refrigerator full of food waiting for me.

  6. Thanks!

    Personally, I don’t like Greek Yogurt. I’m told it’s an “acquired” taste, but I think it tastes like it’s gone bad.

    • Andy says:

      I agree with you Edward, I can’t stand Greek yogurt by itself. However, if you use it as a substitute for sour cream you really can’t tell a difference at all!

      • I’ll have to see if I can talk my wife into giving that a try. When we stopped buying sour cream to lower our saturated fat intake, I started substituting it with homemade guacamole.

  7. Soo it was taco night at our house tonight. We almost never have sour cream (unless I’m making cheesecake), and use greek yogurt instead.

  8. This looks great, Andy! I have to admin, your title to this post really was difficult to understand until I really slowed down. But, you know what? I need to be slowing down anyways.

    So, maybe I’ll try this next week. Great job putting this together. It looks outstanding!

    • Andy says:

      Yeah, I figured it would be a little much but I wanted to get it all in there. Slowing down is certainly a good thing.

  9. Looks good, I might have to try out that seasoning after all…

    • Andy says:

      It was very good. So good that we just started to eat the meat by itself before we even stuffed the tacos.

  10. Katie says:

    I have never thought about substituting Greek Yogurt for Sour Cream. I read about that taco seasoning on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. Must be some good stuff! I make tacos quite often, it’s an easy go to meal.

  11. Hah! My wife is always the Taco Salad person with our leftovers. I LOVE taco night! My wife makes our taco seasoning, but I’m willing to give this seasoning a shot as well. Never tried the greek yogurt substitute, sounds interesting. We also fry our our corn tortilla shells ourselves…SOOO GOOD!

    Now I want tacos….dangit!

    • Andy says:

      I’d want tacos too by the sounds of how you make them! You fry your own shells??? Impressive!

      Definitely give the Greek yogurt substitute a go. I think GY is terrible on it’s own but you’ll hardly notice a difference if you’re substituting it for sour cream.

  12. Michelle says:

    Tacos are a staple over here at Chez SDR! I love them because everyone can put whatever veggies they want inside and I don’t have to hear complaints about there being too much of this, or not enough of that. If the kids don’t like the tacos, it’s their fault! Peaceful dinners, voila! I will have to head over and grab some of that seasoning since we eat so much tacos here.

    • Andy says:

      I imagine that if we ever have kids that we’ll cook a lot less fancy meals and focus more on quick dinners. Tacos are certainly perfect because they’re easy, delicious, and relatively cheap. Seriously though, who doesn’t like tacos?

  13. So weird! I made this exact meal on Saturday night! It goes really well with a beer. I’d add that you can make your own salsa to go with it (as we did on Saturday).
    chop 3 big tomatoes, add chilli (red) to your taste, lemon juice, 1 clove of garlic, half a red onion, fresh corrianted, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Finely dice all ingredients and add them all to a big bowl and let it marinade in the fridge.

  14. Great photos Andy, and very appetizing. I may have to stop reading your recipe posts though to keep my weight under control! 😉 Just kidding–besides being light on the pocketbook, they’re always on the healthful end of the spectrum. I hope you’re planning a recipe e-book!

  15. Tacos are one of my favorite dishes, and looking at the photos is practically making want have some. Once in a while, I love to make Tacos and have a tasty meal.

  16. I love using Greek yogurt as sour cream too!!!! It somehow tastes a lot more substantial than sour cream. I’m hungry now.

    I still use ground beef for tacos but you just reminded me that I should be more healthy and do ground turkey. PS. I like FAGE greek yogurt the best. I’ve tried em all!

    OH and I like the salad option but I would use green leaf lettuce 😛

  17. Andy Hough says:

    I’m hungry for tacos now. I’ll have to give this recipe a try sometime.

  18. Modest Money says:

    Ok I can’t look at those photos long. I’m literally drooling. Tacos are one of my favorite meals, but as a single guy it just isn’t practical at all for me to make it. I’d be eating leftover tacos all week. It’s interesting that you use greek yogurt. I’ve never tried that, but I have a friend that swears by it and is always using it instead of sour cream.

    • Andy says:

      It really tastes very close to sour cream. I was skeptical when my wife first wanted me to try it but it’s really good as a substitute.

  19. Good idea with the greek yogurt. I will have to start doing that instead of sour cream

    • Andy says:

      I’m shocked at how many people said they’ve never tried to use it as a replacement. I definitely think you should give it a try, you won’t notice a difference!

  20. I can’t read or cook. I do pretty good eating. 😉

  21. Michelle says:

    This looks great! I love tacos.

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