Recipe: “Better Than Crack” Brownies (1st Guest Post!)

Note from Jason: this is the 1st guest post ever on WorkSaveLive and I’m really stoked that it could be my wife writing it up. I hope everybody gives her a warm welcome!

Hi all, Toots here.

I’m helping out the hubs by writing a few posts for him, so here it goes. Although we try to eat pretty healthy, I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know.  Seriously, I could put even Willy Wonka to shame.

Anyways, these brownies are AWESOME – pretty rich, but oh so good!  Make them for your next get together.  You won’t regret it!

“Better Than Crack” Brownies


  • 1 batch brownies (I usually use a boxed mix)
  • 1/2 cup salted peanuts
  • 1 cup chopped Reese’s peanut butter cups
  • 1 1/2 cup milk chocolate chips
  • 1 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 1/2 Tablespoon butter
  • 1 1/2 cup Rice Krispies cereal

Ingredients - better than crack

Reese's Pieces - BTCB1

Mix brownies according to directions, and bake for 20-25 minutes in a 9×13 baking dish.  Remove and top with peanuts and peanut butter cups, and bake for 4-6 minutes more.

crack brownies

While they are baking, melt chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter.  Stir in cereal.  Remove brownies from oven and evenly pour chocolate mixture over top.  Refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.

BTCB mixture1

Note:  I find that the brownies “set” better when they are cooled in the freezer.  So after putting the chocolate/cereal mixture on top, I let them sit at room temperature for a bit, and then put the dish in the freezer until ready to cut (usually about 2 hours or so).  Also, these keep wonderfully in the freezer, so I will make a pan and freeze whatever is not served, so we have a quick, go-to dessert whenever we want it.

Better than crack browniesOriginal recipe found on: How Sweet Eats

Now, go to the gym!


  1. Jose says:

    OMG! I’m on a low carb diet! Oh well, I can start it again tomorrow 😀

  2. Michelle says:

    These are not your grandma’s brownies! I’ve got a little baker (my oldest LOVES to cook and bake!) home this week while the other is at camp, so I have the perfect excuse to make these! Thanks so much for posting this during swimsuit season…;)

  3. Now this is just cruel. But they look soooo yummy! I couldn’t make them for myself because I’d probably eat the entire batch with a side of butter pecan ice cream within a 48 hour period. However, I think they’d make an amazing treat for a large picnic or family gathering.

  4. Jefferson says:

    Great to see Mrs. WorkSaveLive chipping in on the site!

    Hopefully we will hear more from you in the future..
    Especially if you have more great desert recipes like this one.

    That looks outstanding!

  5. I can feel my heart pumping harder as I read this. Those look yummy but they are definitely a once in a while treat.

  6. that looks awesome, I am feeling hungry seeing it.

  7. I’m drooling looking at the pics!! Glad you didn’t post the nutritional information!!

  8. AverageJoe says:

    Thanks. My butt just got bigger by visiting your site….

  9. Katie says:

    OMG That looks like the best batch of brownies I have ever seen! I’m a Reese Cup addict, I can’t wait to try these.

  10. Oh my! This looks absolutely divine. I love brownies, and I definitely have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet. I had to hurry up and leave this post quick, because I was salivating all over myself.

    • Toots says:

      You and me both! Andy didn’t really eat sweets when we met, but now I’ve converted him. Poor guy never really stood a chance. Ha!

  11. Nick says:

    Oh man that looks dangerous…

  12. This is not helping my eat less bad food diet! They look great though so maybe I will have to file away the recipe for when I reach a goal or something like that. Great first guest post!

    • Toots says:

      Yeah, these are definitely NOT a health food, but they are a happy food! Seriously though, since they are so rich, I am satisfied with a much smaller portion than I would be if I were eating a regular brownie. And I usually take half the pan to work, church, whatever, and keep the other half in the freezer and that way they aren’t on the counter tempting me every time I walk by. That seems to help.

  13. This is hilarious! I love the title. My coworker actually just gave me a recipe for a cake called “Almost Better Than Sex Cake” … kinda risque though!

    I’ll have to try these out. They look to die for.

    • Toots says:

      Maybe they are better than crack because they are so addicting?? Because it’s true! Since we live in Missouri, perhaps “Better than Meth” Brownies would be more appropriate?

  14. Modest Money says:

    Damn those look so delicious. I want to run to the store and get all the ingredients right now, but knowing me I’d polish it all off within 2 days. So I’m going to have to use some willpower. I do want to make these sometime soon though.

    • Toots says:

      Yes, unfortunately willpower is something that I don’t have a lot of. That’s why I only make these when I have somewhere to take them. Haha.

  15. James Dibben says:

    These brownies would require a trip to the gym before and after!

  16. Michelle says:

    These look so good!

  17. That looks so flipping awesome. Not what I wanted to look at when watching the calories lol. Thanks for the instructions.

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