Make Money Blogging: Start a Blog or Write for Others?

In the current economy, and with all of the economic uncertainty, it is little surprise that many people are looking for ways to make a little extra money. The Internet provides a number of opportunities, especially if you want to write. It’s possible to make money by starting a blog, and by writing for others.


Starting Your Own Blog vs. Writing for Others

There are pros and cons associated with starting your own blog, as well as writing for others. I started out writing for others. My situation as a freelance writer has been a bit backward. I started blogging professionally, for others, more than six years ago, but I only started my very own blog a little more than a year ago.

While it’s possible to start your own blog and write for others at the same time, it’s often better to pick one path and concentrate on it at first. That way you can find success, and hopefully carve out a niche for yourself. Here are some thoughts on starting your own blog vs. writing for others:

Starting Your Own Blog

The biggest advantage to starting your own blog to make money is that you have unlimited earning potential, and you keep all the profits. You can arrange for ads and join affiliate programs, and you can make an unlimited amount of money.

The downside to running your own blog is that in order to make significant profits you need a great deal of traffic. Building up the traffic, and then converting that traffic to ad clicks/sales, and conversions in affiliate programs, can be difficult. You have to show patience, and realize that it can take months — or even years — to begin making good money with a blog. Another issue is that you are in charge of the back end, and the marketing, of your site. This can be time-consuming, so if you don’t enjoy these aspects of blog ownership, it can get tedious.

Writing for Others

When you write for others, you see immediate pay. You might be limited in how much you make (you can agree to a traffic bonus and/or revenue sharing to improve your ability to earn), but you are paid quickly. Additionally, you might not be able to write about what you want, and you might have to meet other requirements. However, you don’t have to be in charge of promoting the web site, or running the back end stuff.

One of the reasons I started out writing for others is that I didn’t want to do the back end of a blog. Also, I was the primary breadwinner while my husband was in school, so we needed the money. Unless I wanted to get a “real” job, I needed to start earning money immediately.

Doing Both at Once

You can, of course, start your own blog and write for others at the same time, depending on your situation. I am glad that I started out just writing for others, though. It gave me a chance to develop a client base, and focus on earning money when I needed it. Trying to build a successful blog at the same time would have been distracting — and I wouldn’t have been paid for it.

However, some find that it works for them. You can start your own blog, and then work for others when you have the time. It allows you the flexibility to build up a blog that can eventually provide a revenue stream, while you earn money immediately while working for others. Just realize that you might not have time to do both if you have a “regular” job and family commitments.

Consider you situation, and your goals. Once you have that figured out, you can decide how you want to proceed as you make money from writing online.

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By , on Jan 28, 2013
Miranda is a freelance writer and professional blogger, specializing in financial topics. She has written for a number of financial web sites, and her work has been linked to by many publications, online and off. Miranda's blog is Planting Money Seeds.

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  1. Felix says:

    One thing I learned from blogging, it’s not about selling. It’s about sharing valuable content with your users and creating a relationship. Good post!

  2. Erika says:

    Thanks for your thoughts! I agree that doing one at a time is probably easier when starting out. Where would you recommend finding blog writing work if writing for others?

  3. Good post. I only blog for myself right now, but would like to eventually branch out to freelancing for others as well. For now I’m happy just writing for my own blog. That way I can write about whatever strikes my fancy.

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