Diagnosing connection problems using the ping command in Linux


One of the first aspects of working in the network is troubleshooting when sending test cases between blocks of two systems. This can be found using the TCP/IP utility called ping. The ping command provides a computer response request from the buyer and should receive a response from the target computer.

  • [Host] response: Connection successful.
  • Reachable Destination: Unable to find start location. Could not find a route to the destination. This often indicates a problem with the delivery computer.
  • Timed out: The target staff request reached, but the response was not returned to the original computer before the source computer timed out. This usually indicates that the problem occurs on the targeted majority of computers.
  • Ping is one of the first steps in network troubleshooting, but it only tells you what’s wrong, not what’s wrong.


    Destination can be an IP address, for example, can be a hostname in the format server01.Command

    Ping Options

    Some of the frequently calledping parameter commands include:
    -c – send any type of ping request with only the specified number. By default, ping is performed indefinitely until the ping is interrupted by pressing Ctrl+C.
    -v specifies verbose output.

    Ordinal Ping Number

    The purchase also provides a global (icmp_seq) sequence for each ping attempt. Whatever the host is pinging, you can usually use the following to number each s on the request with your answer for help. Mismatched sequence numbers probably indicate a dropped packet.

    Ping Examples

    7. You send a number of packets without waiting for a response from:

    12. To determine the number of data bytes to provide, becomes:

    # you sent a ping Destination [options] -c ping

    # 10 
    #ping -really 10
    #ping -I eth0
    # ping -l ten 

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    a computer

    Communication is so pervasive these days that we take it for granted that a computer in one side of a room can connect you to the other side of a room in your home, let alone the other side of the world. When everything is working properly, the network is what makes the Internet, cloud services, file sharing, media remote control, available.Internet, printing, etc. When something goes wrong, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate. One of the most common network diagnostic tools is the ping command to connect to the Internet.ping


    Basic You Cannot Connect To A Computer In Your Environment, A Local Computer To An Internet Server, Or You Can Ping Diary It. With Ping Header Sends A Message (icmp Control In Protocol) To The Internet To The IP Address To Bind Destination. Icmp Is Basically A Simple Format Used For Mostly Diagnostic Purposes. In Fact, This Is A Challenge And A Valuable Response.

    But The Order Is To Troubleshoot And Start As Close To Home As Possible. If In Doubt, Ping Your Computer First, Making Sure You Are On The Network Stack. The Computer You Are Definitely Using Is Your Localhost, Name It And Give It A Special IP Address New For Chat:

    The ping Command Includes The Localhost Hostname, A Unique IP Address, And A Label 0.

    You Can Use The -c Option (as A Count),to Control The Number Of Triggers You Send.

    $ping Three -c1
    PING 0 ( 56 (84) Bytes Associated With Data.
    64 Bytes From Icmp_seq=1 Ttl=64ms

    --- Time=0.069 Ping Digits 0 ---
    1 Packet 1 Sent, 0% Received, Loss Of Service, Duration Ms
    Rtt 0 Min/avg/max/mdev = 4 0.069/0.069/0.069/0.Ms

    After Making Sure Your Home Network Stack Is Up And Running, You Can Ping Your Router. The Router Address Is Usually 192.168, 10 Or . The Exact IP Address Depends On The Configuration Of Your Esteemed Router.

    If You Don’t Specify The Number Of Ping Requests To Be Sent, You Can Use Ctrl+C To Stop The ping.

    PING ( 56 (84) Data Bytes.
    From Icmp_seq=2 Redirect Host (new Next Hop: From Icmp_seq=3 Redirect Host (new Next Hop:
    From Icmp_seq=4 Redirect Host (new Next Hop:
    From Icmp_seq=5 Redirect Host (new Next Hop:

    If You Can Connect To The Router, It Means That YouNo Wired Or Wireless Connection Works.

    What Other Nodes Are There On My Network? Ping All Kinds Of Accessories. All Not Guaranteed To Be Enabled (some Devices Miss Many Packets), Icmp Too. For Example, Can I Also Ping The Printer:

    $ My Ping Is 192.168.0.Du 4

    Corresponding Network Ping Der Beyond

    In addition to having your own network working properly, you can also ping a router outside of it in most parts of the world. Not yet, all ICMP servers should receive a lot, respond less. However, some do, the main and server of work for the Internet is a completely new name server.

    DNS server is simple relative to google, and if you remember it, you can ping it:

    $ping 2 -c
    PING ( 56 (84) data bytes.
    64 bytes in icmp_seq=1 ttl=116 time=53.3ms
    64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=116 time=53.5 ms

    --- 8.8.8.Ping 8 statistics ---
    2 boxes sent, 2 boxes received, 0% packet reduction, 1000ms latency
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev 53 = 0.304/53.424/53.544/0.120ms

    If at least one obvious sitemissing, it can probe a DNS network somewhere in the world to find the address of a host server and then ping that server. At least indicates if the host is down or still having a problem with the web server.< /p>

    Let’s say you’re trying to access example.com without success. First, find the IP management using the command host:

    $host example.com
    example.com has an email address of
    example.com has an IPv6 address of 2606:2800:220:1:248:1893:25c8:1946
    example.com mail only 0

    $ping 1

    Ping-deb Works And Ipv6

    Ping over IPv4 and IPv6. Explicit use of basically one of these can be forced by specifying