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  • At the moment only the file daemon or client has the program
    has been extensively tested by Windows and is suitable for
    normal production. Therefore, you, we
    When we talk about when they are built from the Windows version below, we are talking about Bacula.
    file daemon (client) only. Leave

    Bacula account 1.39.20 above or Enterprise Ready.
    install not only the client program, but also the director
    and all storage daemons and all other programs thatgave
    so far only Unix systems are available. This is in addition
    Programs, especially your current director and your storage daemon, partly had to do this.
    tested, have some bugs and not yet described.
    They are not yet confirmed and we cannot accept any further fixes at this time.
    bug reports in them. Therefore, carefully check the setting.
    they explore the critical production environment.

    Brand Bacula File A Windows daemon has been tested on Win98, WinMe,
    WinNT, Win2000, winxp and windows 2003 elements. we have support
    Win95, encoded, but can no longer have the system, better to test. Windows form
    Bacula is a native port of Win32, but there are very few changes to the source code in the Unix code, the program
    for whom it means the Windows version should get the biggest share
    Run code that has long been proven to be stable in Unix applications. During the race he
    goes great with windows and shows its world fame in the system
    The panel and tools have a system panel menu for more information.
    how Bacula works on the treadmill (dialogs and event states)ty). If desired,
    You can also stop it using the court system menu, but this should help.
    Usually this is not necessary.

    After installation, Bacula starts normally as a system service.
    immediately launched system.if system.the, and
    running in background i am also not a user when logging in with system.the.


    How do I start Docker daemon on Windows 10?

    Typically, they install Bacula-specific versions for Windows from their binaries.
    This installer is a standard Windows EXE file that experts say launches the setup wizard.
    Free NSIS installer, software, so if you have already installed Windows
    Software, would like to be very familiar with you.

    If your family has an older version of bacula (1.20 39 or less) installed
    is installed, you need to block, uninstall and remove directory service
    possible installation of your bacula
    bacula-fd-saving.conf, bconsole.conf and bwx-console.conf usage files
    for with the new version you download. removal
    Usually the Program is located in the c:\bacula\Uninstall.exe folder.
    Also recommendm completely remove the car directory
    c:\bacula installer running
    uses rules (see catalog below).

    If you do not already have bacula installed,
    contractor new (1.39. and 22. later) installs binaries or DLLs in
    c:\Program Files\Bakula\bin
    and configuration most files
    in c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bacula
    Also the menu item StartAll ProgramsBacula
    created during the main installation and in this menu you can
    find things to change shown settings files
    document and common or bwx console bconsole.must included

  • you are logged in as an administrator on the regional machine
    not to install correctly, if so, please do so before proceeding.Users
    blessed some with installation attempts to log in as a domain administrator
    Account and competent permissions issues when trying to launch
    Bacula, so we do not recommend this option.

  • Simply click on the Winbacula-1 nsis-installation.xx.0.exe file.
    Symbol. The name of the actual symbol may vary depending on the version variant.


  • ByAfter starting, the installation wizard will ask if you want to complete the installation successfully.


  • However, you will be prompted to select an installation key.


  • If you continue, you will be prompted to select the type of one of the components
    You can mention or install The Bacula File (bacula program service).
    Documentation. Both are in the installed sub-directories associated with the installation
    where you decide later. Components dialog” “Everything looks like
    what follows:

    \includegraphicswin32-pkg.eps png”>

  • If you are installing for the first time, you will be prompted to
    Enter very important basic information about your configuration. if
    The person does not know what to enter or previously has a saved configuration
    files, then you can also decide to put what you want in branches
    replace or later change your config files with registered forms
    correct file.update

    With a dynamic setting that applies
    the next few are displayed.


  • Even though essentially different cm files are loaded, . the most important ones are from below.
    in alt=”\includegraphicswin32-installing.eps” src=”img26.png”>

  • Finally, the full output dialog will appear:


  • This completes the installation process. Bakula File Server
    Ready-made files that can be used are the Alt=”\includegraphicsidle icon, which represents
    Cassette) (or will definitely appear in the system Alt=”\includegraphicstray-icon tray
    ; Right-clicking on it will also bring up a menu.


    The element is not currently implemented. By simply selecting the status of an element, you can easily check whether the tasks are running or not.

    When the bacula file server starts storing files, paint some holes in
    ribbon tattoo changing from white to light green \includegraphicsrunning.eps,
    and if there are any errors, the icon in the cartridge cracks will turn red over time

    If you areUse the fields From you
    warned windows that the world-famous plateau does not always appear. In any case, it is visible
    If always connected to the console, the remote PC may not display it.Name=”18044″>

    After installing And bacula, so you need to familiarize yourself with the contents before starting
    as for the config files, make sure they match – your
    Installation. you can get any of them from StartAll using:
    an element of the ProgramsBacula list.

    Finally, open Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del), Bacula checks
    runs as a process (not as an application) and with the username SYSTEM. When it becomes no, likely
    If possible, Bacula is not installed and running.
    Administrator, so it is extremely unlikely that Bacula will be able to access it
    all configuration files.


    Once Bacula is installed, it can exist with a standard uninstall.
    Check the Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog box on the monitor.

    How to fix daemon Exe in Windows 10?

    Sometimes name=”18053″>Name=”18054″> on Win32 file daemon machines can have a lot of errors.
    Transfer speedback-up yields are low compared to other machines.
    Try setting the maximum network buffer size to 32768 and
    The daemon organization file is then in the daemon store. size Standard larger,
    and apparently discount other great non-Windows Ethernet controllers with
    network buffer size.