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How do I repair Windows 10 with command prompt?

How do I fix my glitchy cursor?

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How do I fix Windows boot manager?

I’m still a bit new to this, also kernel flash, unfortunately I’ve never backed up the whole kernel by default. I’m looking for a download to be able to switch to the stock kernel with fku, there’s definitely an OTA update from time to time for the current N5.

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How do I fix my mouse with black screen Windows Vista?

Finally, I installed a brand new kernel, without o For both reasons, but to try.

I have some problems, and I would like the experts to point out that they are not solved by the kernel I installed.

How do I know if I’m using the latest official kernel? If not, how can I upgrade (upgrade or downgrade) to one of the latest official versions?


How do I fix my glitched mouse on Windows 10?


asked on August 21, 2012 maybe at 4:47 pm.


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How do I run a repair on Windows 10?

How to auto hide mouse cursor in Windows 10?