Valkyrie Chronicles


almost all add-ons, in released versions for PS3.
The PC version does not have the PS4 benefits version.
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Major Improvements

Skip Weekend Videos

Delete documents in folder [2]
  1. Go to \movie
  2. Files in OPENING.SFD and/or SEGALOGO.Delete sfd or rename

Game Data

Location Of Files Of Configuration Files.

Keep Accurate Game Records

DLC saves are usually separate from the main story game.

Keep Game Cloud Sync


HBAO besides nvidia this flag has 0x00000032.

SLI Support

Use Nvidia Profile Inspector[4]
  1. Change the SLI compatibility sections to 0x03402005 which works fine and even 0x42402405 also strikes a good balance
  2. Change our own NVIDIA SLI preset mode with SLI_PREDEFINED_MODE_FORCE_AFR2
  3. Click Apply Changes.
Incompatible with downsampling


Support WASD Transmission, Stock Layer


Use AutoHotkey[citation needed]

Save the following as a bootable .ahk, then compile it into a program. Place the executable in the missions directory then use it to customize the game (you can rename its shortcut or rename the Valkyria.En exe to something else and name the site Sa instead).

Click to expand and enjoy Valkyria content

Exit the application

#IfWinActive, Valkyrie ahk_class
#SingleInstance Ignore


~w:: send input to top
~a::seninput top left
~s::seninput down up
~d::sentop entry

To change the generated walk modifier, replace the plus signs (+) that work in the first stanza of ^(Control) with or optionally with ! (Alt).



Virtual Reality Support

Problems Solved

Unable To Change Overclock 18a


Change setting/resolution to 60Hz online[link needed]
  1. Click “Read reviews”.
  2. Choose “Customize valkyria Valkyria Chronicles”
  3. Change the resolution to your desired 60Hz resolution.

Crash In Chapter 3

Change video resolution to windowed and disable Steam[quote]
  1. Right click on Valkyria Chronicles on Steam
  2. select properties
  3. Uncheck “Enable Steam overlay in game”
  4. Click “Read reviews”.
  5. Select valkyria Valkyria “Customize Chronicles”
  6. Change the screen mode to display them in a window.

You may also need to modify your boot file to run the latest Windows 7 compatibility mode. Required time]

a [quote you are back in check mode without fail, you can restore normal settings.

Logging Into The Game From A Non-existent Device, Not To Mention Infinite Scrolling On Launch

Go to Windows Device Manager and turn off devices[quote]
  1. Open Device Manager from the Windows Start menu.
  2. Expand list with user interface devices
  3. Find and disable the phone labeled “Vendor-Defined HID Compliant Device”

If you open the game again after equipping the device, scrolling should be completed and should work fine for this purpose.

There may be more than one specific device with this tag, but for me it was the first one on the list.

desktop Image Even In Full Screen (Windows 10 Mode)

Disable full screen ads and Valkyria marketing. exe[5]
  1. Open the properties of \valkyria.exe
  2. Enable “Disable Full Screen Optimization” in the compatible button Guests.

Fall Through The Map After Climbing The Scaffolding At The End Of The Map In Episode 15a – Fight For The Proper Ghirlandaio

Download the patch from Mega or type in Google and install it in Valkyria Chronicles\data\mx[6] In

Includes the Imperial Onslaught (v2+) game mod and quality-of-life fixes.

Frame Rate Dies When Walking On Grass


Disable vsync[link needed]

This game doesn’t actually mean v-sync (at least not at 60fps). It can also cause all sorts of other slowdown related bugs. You can try lowering the screen when you switch from 58 fps to lock.

Nvidia’s “Fast Sync” works fine, with no interception or slowdown steps. you may need to enable it through the profile inspector, often in the control panel.

Translucent Text Box In Target Material

Change refresh rate[link needed]
Properly display false above, false below

Display products below

This incorrect happens at certain rates. A refresh rate of 30Hz to 60Hz will work. 50 and 59.94 don’t work at all.

Roller Stuttering

Limit framerate to 30[quote]

The frame rate of online video is not converted correctly, which sometimes causes severe stuttering. Limiting the frame rate to 30 some in launchers usually solves this problem. Use external frame limiters to be able to use the fps limiter with hotkey support to switch between 29.97 FPS for intros and 60 FPS for gameplay.

This can also be done with autohotkey recovery:

  1. Download and automatically use AutoHotkey
  2. Download the FPS limiter and extract it
  3. Change fpslimiter. And set cfg InitialFps to 29.97 and ToggleFps to optimize frequency frames.
  4. Create a new hotkey program in automatic with the following content:
Click “Expand” to view content
Run Valkyria.exe
sleep 1
PlayingMovie := (ErrorLevel 0
loop, files, movie\*

Move = file,%A_LoopFileLongPath%,%A_LoopFileLongPath%
if 1)
Current movie:= 1

if equal (playingmovie 1)
If (movie playback 0)
SendInput, ^ Numpad1
process,exist,valkyrie=.means exe
if (error level Close, 0)
Process, fpslimiter32.Should exe
exit you application

Now you’re ready to run the game-specific script and you’ll have fewer freezes. Something minimal if stuttering is unavoidable, customers can live with the aforementioned 59.94Hz issue as cutscenes no doubt hit 29.97 FPS.

Units Cannot Successfully Release


Set the resolution for online applications frame rate to 1280×720, which is 30 frames per second. [7][8]

As with many console arcade games, JapaneseThe engine’s performance in the morning is frame rate dependent, so the device will only perform the same when playing at the frame rate of the images of the current version (and at that resolution).

Additional Information




File Saving Cheat Guide
in ValkyrieEdit – To bypass harmful insects, see here.
Texture Extraction/Replacement Instructions

  • Gallian Crossfire – play (more info)
  • Imperial Comparison Games Onslaught – Extension for Gallian Crossfire Info)
  • Step (no more shot interception – makes the game really awesome by removing shot interception during your main move.
  • Quality of Life Fixes Mod Action – Changes the AP, Accuracy and A rank requirements to match Valkyria Chronicles, making non-scout units useful, also eliminating the need to rush to get an A rank
  • High resolution symbols
  • High resolution unit icons replace command unit mode with high resolution icons.
  • Requests a button PlayStation
  • Japanese – Screen
  • title optimization (explained)
  • canvas