How to identify and replace a dead CMOS battery

Clearing the CMOS on your motherboard will reset your BIOS settings to the factory defaults that experts say the motherboard manufacturer has chosen to use for most people. One of the reasons for uninstalling war cmos has always been troubleshooting or fixing various computer problems or hardware compatibility issues.

clearing the cmos on the motherboard will successfully restore the factory default BIOS settings, the settings that most motherboard manufacturers decided were your current settings that most people would try. One reason to clear CMOS can be troubleshooting or fixing specific computer or hardware compatibility issues.


Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

How to “CMOS Error” error message on POST screen?

If you get a “CMOS Error” error during startup, it’s most likely not a physical issue with the motherboard. You can

What do I do when my computer shows American Megatrends?

unplug your computer.
delete the cell from our computer.
Change the jumper position and wait a minute.
reset the jumper to make it easier for you to return to the original position.
Insert a lumbar cell.

This can be solved with thousands of optimized default BIOS settings.

You can press the F3 key when booting the BIOS with optimized default settings, just press the F10 key to suspend the BIOS and exit. next

After loading, there should be no CMOS error on the POST screen.

Note. For older motherboard models, press F9 to load the optimized settingsby default.

Whenever we have a low battery issue CMOS time inevitably comes error or CMOS battery on all our desktop computers.

This will happen 2-5 times (CMOS battery life) after your PC first order. And it depends on the weight of the table of a particular person, the quality of my CMOS battery and other factors. Errors

What Can Occur When A CMOS Battery Fails

How do I fix my CMOS settings?

As a jumper typically, CMOS is a garden box located next to the battery. In general, the CMOS jumper has positions 2-3 and 1-2. received Move the jumper from default position 1-2 to position 2-3 to clear cmos zu. Wait 1 to 5 minutes, then return it to the standard position.

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  • Bad CMOS
  • Error reading CMOS parameters
  • CMOS checksum error
  • CMOS battery error
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    1. Turn on the computer.
    2. Wait for any messages that appear on this screen.
    3. In my case there was a related case, with Press AND f1 Press F2 below, one of the errors that I indicated above. (The buttons you use on your desktop may be different from mine.your )
    4. If your desktop is much better, check the date and time on the taskbar – you’ll appreciate it if it becomes an old companion. , change it to the new one.
    5. Restart.
    6. If the current day always reverts to the old one, restart.Don’t
    7. wait not this time Don don’t do it until the exact computer will not be fully loaded. Continuously press the F1 or F2 keys to enter the BIOS when the screen appears. Change the time and press F10, save to and exit, you will see the settings.

    You think that your computer should work, the idea is still loading and the OS is loading, even though the date and time are constant change and do not always reset the memory. Definitely not. Why? Because your browser actually shows a message like “Your computer is out of date” or similar messages for that matter. This only works when then, users are just browsing files on the desktop besides browsing the web.event

    The worst is when your computer won’t boot. This means the CMOS battery is dead. There are other factors preventing the device from booting up, but that’s another topic.

    Causes Of A Low CMOS Battery

    • Excessive heat
    • Too many shutdowns and inclusions every day in thoselasting weeks and years of use
    • Hard for a particular computer
    • Factory error
    • Static discharge – each is a transfer of electrical current between two opposite electrically charged objects that come into contact again. This will damage your computer’s components, especially if the CMOS connectors work inside the computer case.

    Now, let’s understand the terms better:

    What Exactly Is CMOS?

    CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) Is Actually A Small Amount Of Memory On The Motherboard That Stores BIOS Settings. It Is Powered By A CR2032 CMOS Lithium Cell.

    What Is A CMOS Battery

    What Is A CMOS Battery


    Real Time Clock And Real Time Clock Are Powered By A Single CR2032 Lithium Cell. CMOS Battery The Size Of A Coin Or Similar To A Calculator Battery

    Of All

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    Loading=” Lazy Bios

    BIOS Screen

    According To Wikipedia: Software The BIOS Software Is Built Into The PC And This Is The First Number That Starts Up.No PC When Exposed To This (“download Firmware”). The Function Of The Main BIOS Is To Stack And Start The System. When The PC Boots Up, The Main Task Of The BIOS Is To Initialize And Identify System Devices, Such As The Power Button On The Display, Video Card And Mouse, Disk, Hard Drive CD / DVD, Etc. The BIOS Then Recognizes The Software Located On The Auxiliary Device (called The “boot Device”). ”), Such As A Hard Disk Or CD, And Loads And Runs L The Software Created By The PC. This Process Plays The Well-known Role Of Boot Or Initial Boot, Which Is Typical For Short Boot.

    What do I do when my computer shows American Megatrends?

    Unplug your computer often.
    Delete the cell from the computer.
    Change all positions and jumpers wait a good minute.
    Return the jumper to its original position.
    Insert the lumbar region of the cage.

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    How To Remove And Replace CMOS

    How do I fix my CMOS settings?

    Cleanup steps Using specific cmos jumper method
    ObyThe CMOS jumper consists of three pins next to the battery. In general, the CMOS bouncer has positions 1-2 and 2-3. You move the career default 1-2 jumper to position 2-3 towards the apparent CMOS. You wait 1 to 5 minutes, then return it to the late position.

    Battery WARNING: Ground yourself before working inside the computer briefly touching a grounded metal case to remove accumulated static electricity. Wear or wear a good anti-static wrist strap if you have one.

    1. Disconnect everything – power, all wires and cablesOr connected to a tower computer. You will
    2. find the cover remove and unscrew it.
    3. the real

    4. Find the CMOS battery (in the form of a coin on silver) on the motherboard.
    5. After you have found an imaginary CMOS battery, look at the adjacent spring and press it pointwise. Press it with a flathead screwdriver to loosen it.
    6. Remove any bad cmos battery and replace it with a new one by pushing it in.
    7. Close access to the panel and lift onto its rear cable.< /li>
    8. Now that each of our new batteries is in place, you press F2 to boot, the BIOS should pop up when you do. set Then a reset date and optionally press F10 to save all exit settings.

    That’s it. If you like it, you can watch the video tutorial below.