Does Fear Control Your Life?

What’s holding you back?

Why are you scared to take risk – the risk of following a new career path, pursuing a dream job, starting a website or blog and sharing your story?

Fear of Failure

Why are you scared to test your limits and challenge the things that you think you’re capable of?

My guess is that is has a lot to do with fear…

Fear of rejection.

Fear of humiliation and judgment.

Maybe it’s the fear of failure or simply fearing the unknown.

If you never try to pursue something you’re passionate about, or if you never attempt to share your story or opinions, then you never have to worry about facing these fears.

You don’t have to worry about being told that you’re not good enough or being disappointed that you failed.

So we settle; we settle for comfort. We settle for the known and less risky paths.

You settle but in doing so you deprive the world of your story, your strengths, and your ability to make a difference.

My Fear

When I decided to start this blog there was nothing but fear. Sure, there was the hope and thought that this could turn into something that helped people change their lives.

However, the constant thought of judgment, failure, and rejection never escaped my mind.

Do I really have to share my financial information and our personal struggles? Do I really have to talk about how much money I gave up to pursue a job that I was passionate about?

Maybe…maybe not. But I believe that peoples’ stories and shared experiences motivate and provide proven methods to change our lives and mold us into better people.

These stories give us the opportunity to learn, expand, and develop into something better than we are today.

We all have a story to tell. We all have struggles, strengths, and passions that could be used to help others throughout this world.

So what’s holding you back?

Stepping Out & Taking a Risk

A few weeks ago I ran across a blog that was started by a friend of mine from high school.

I’ll admit that I’ve lost contact with most of my old friends for various reasons, so I really didn’t know anything that had been going on in the life of this individual.

Well, by taking some time to read through her blog, I discovered that Alex lost her hearing sometime after high school and she has been blogging about her journey to learn to hear again.

When I read through some of her posts, and felt the honesty with which she writes, I couldn’t help but to be inspired.

How much fear did she have to overcome to share her story? Maybe it’s nothing compared to what she’s faced throughout this period in her life…but still…there was certainly some fear and risk.

However, I was more inspired by the fact that she was doing something! She is sharing a part of her personal life to help motivate and educate others that are facing similar battles and similar struggles.

Maybe you don’t have as great of a struggle to share, but my bet is you have something to say.

Every day I read blog comments (on other blogs) about readers seeking bloggers that struggle with money – people that are barely making ends-meet. People that have 3 kids and live near the poverty level.


Because there are others out there like you and people want to hear your story.

Hearing about somebody that overcomes struggle motivates us – Americans love to root for the underdog! It shows me that if you can do it, then I can do it too!

So, what’s holding you back?

Touching Lives & Being Real

This blog is popular, so there is a chance you’ve heard of it: Enjoying the Small Things.

First, I’ve never read a more well-written blog (I’m envious of her ability to write). More importantly I’ve never read through something that was so REAL and filled with raw emotion.

Something so honest and sad, yet so inspiring and encouraging.

In her blog, Enjoying the Small Things, Kelle Hampton shares her personal story of what it was like to have a baby with Down Syndrome.

I’ve read some other blogs with similar situations and they’re encouraging as well…Kelle’s writing and emotions just hit me the most.

There were numerous thoughts racing through my mind as I read Nella’s story (Kelle’s child). However, as I reflect back on it, I wonder how much fear she had to overcome to share that?

But the better question is: how many lives has she touched and changed because she decided to?

You have something to share. A desire or passion to pursue, or a God-given strength to take advantage of.

What’s holding you back?

If your excuse/reason is because you don’t know how to create a blog then I’d encourage you to check out the My Setup page. That’s where I detailed everything I used to create this site.

Provide Hope. Conquer Fear. Inspire Change.

If you have a story you’d like to share (career, financial, life, etc), then I’d love to hear it. I might even be interested in sharing it as a post on this blog! You can send me an email by clicking here!

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About the Author

By , on Mar 1, 2012
Andy Tenton
Andy is a 30-something New Yorker who turned his financial life around. He took charge of his finances, got out of debt, and is now working his way toward financial success. He is the publisher of

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  1. Kari says:

    Fear of failure is probably more paralyzing then actual failure. Right now I’m in the process of thinking about changing careers. I know it’s something I can do, but the fear of not excelling, or making less money, or not being as “respected” by peers when I tell them I got out of the field is pretty scary. I think it’s one of those things I’ll just have to jump into and throw caution to the wind, otherwise I’ll be “stuck” doing something I don’t enjoy, because I’m too worried about what other people will say. Great article.

  2. I wrote something similar on my blog when I realized how much I worry about other people’s perceptions, other people’s achievements, failures, etc. Finally I realized, who the heck cares?? I’m not getting anything done stewing over what might happen or how someone might react. Fear of failure is a part of life, but it’s nice to get over it and do the things that matter. Also, great blog recommendations, I really like Kelle Hampton and your friend’s blog.

  3. I think this is a really good line “Maybe it’s the fear of failure or simply fearing the unknown.”

    I think we all just get comfortable with our routines and then just fear stepping outside of our comfort zone. But if you never step outside of that comfort zone, you have no idea what you might miss out on!

  4. Great post Andy! You are a good writer!

    I know for myself that if I spend too much time comparing myself to others then I think things like I am not a good writer, and even more so in my case, I think I have nothing worthwhile to blog about. I also know that when I was in my twenties and early thirties I didn’t have many fears and I remember that some of my friend’s mothers for example use to question some of the risks I took. But now that I am in my forties I have a lot of fears and worries. Two of my biggest fears are the ones you started your post with: Fear of rejection, Fear of humiliation and judgment.

    I deal with those on a daily basis.

  5. Edward Antrobus says:

    One of the fears I’ve had relating to my blogs is the fear of not trying hard enough. I know it sounds like an odd fear to have, but, historically, I’ve been really bad about finishing what I start. Knowing that, I tend to be hesitant about starting new projects (at least the ones I think about before starting), because, why should I put that much effort into something if I’m just going to drop the ball with it?

    Also, talking to strangers in person/on phone terrifies me. Debilitating fear. As in the mouth just refuses to open except to respond.

  6. Andy says:

    Thanks Paul!

  7. Jackie Walters says:

    First, I must say I absolutely love your Blog. This post was written just for me. I’m sure of it! I truly believe fear controls my life. I’m certainly afraid of failure. I know what I want to do but fear keeps me from even attempting to take that leap of faith. I have that “I’m comfortable just doing what I’m doing” sort of mentality.

    My problem isn’t so much about creating a blog it’s more like writing for the blog. I’m not a writer at least I don’t think I am and that’s part of my problem and/or fear. I’m more of an aggregator of personal finance information.

    So, I’ll take a risk and see what happens.

    Thanks, Jackie.

    • Andy says:


      I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I certainly love the layout of yours – pretty sweet design.

      It’s tough to have a leap of faith because we love to have control. Whenever you actually have to relay on faith it changes things and that’s when the fear comes in.

      I’m definitely not a writer either, I’m a NUMBERS person. I have a lot to learn about writing and that was one of my biggest fears when I first started this site. I know I can’t write. I know that I misspell things and I know I don’t use proper grammar. However, I’ve gotten over that fear for the most part because I know it’s important to be real and share our story.

      Take a little risk and hopefully you’ll see some reward. 🙂

      Good luck!

  8. jefferson says:


    Life is too short to be handicapped by fear.. I realized that a long time ago.. To really move forward in life, you have to be willing to take chances.. Sometimes these chances work out, sometimes they don’t.

    In the end– We are far more likely to regret things that we haven’t done, then things that we have..

    We’ve all got to face our fears and charge forward..
    Looks like you are well on your way.

    • Andy says:


      I couldn’t agree more. It seems that the people that realize this often achieve greater success and enjoy life more.

      Fear is a difficult thing to overcome but it’s the standard and it’s tough to overcome.

  9. Savvy Scot says:

    Saw work save live was featured on that new site Blogoday – glad I checked it out! 🙂 Good post and I like the links – Thanks

  10. CultOfMoney says:

    Yeah, the fear is what gets people. The problems and expected outcomes that you can make up in your head are always worst than what actually happens in real life. And when you start down the negative path, forever will it rule your destiny. It’s because all those thoughts in your head, dozens or hundreds, outweighs the single thing that will actually happen in the future. It’s a mental numbers game. Think of all the bad things that can happen and count them up. Compare that to what will actually happen. 1. Your brain is trying to help, but not so much.

    • Andy says:

      I wish I could remember the stat but I read awhile back that somewhere around 80% of the things people worry about are out of our control and will never happen to us.

      We all worry and we all live our lives controlled by fear. It’s pretty amazing…and sad.

  11. SB @ FPR says:

    We have a fear of change. We like to maintain a status quo. I think fear of change is more rampant than fear of failure.

    • Andy says:

      I agree SB! I just used the fear of failure because that’s the picture I found the easiest. 🙂

      I talked a little bit about “settling for comfort.” I fall into that trap a lot. I like the status quo (okay…not the American status quo, but MY status quo). I like stability and definitely fear change.

      It’s amazing how much fear controls what we do and what we can become.

  12. Blogday says:

    Congratulations – you are Today’s Blogoday (Blog of the Day)! 🙂

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