Credit Report and Credit Score


Credit Report & Score

It’s wise to check your credit report on a semi-annual or annual basis (at a minimum).

Keeping track of your credit score isn’t as big of a deal, but you SHOULD know what it is. I’d encourage you to look into that at least once a year as well!


Many of the people I meet with on a daily basis aren’t aware that there are places you can view this information FOR FREE! We’re so used to paying credit card companies and other credit monitoring services, that some people don’t even know there are other options available.

FREE Annual Credit Reports

The 3 major credit agencies (TransUnion, Exquifax, and Experian) give each person a FREE annual credit report.

The website to use for this free service is

They will require you to give your personal information, but it’s important to know that it is all legitimate.

Also, instead of checking ALL of your reports at once, it’s not a bad idea to view one of them now and the others a few months down the road. Obviously if you check them all now, then you can’t view any of them for another year without paying for it.

FREE Credit Score

Getting a free credit score is a little trickier. However, with the recent push of online financial education there are now some places where you can get this information for free!

Credit Karma – TransUnion credit score

Credit Sesame – Experian Credit Score

Equifax – Equifax Credit Score (this is not a free service. They charge $19.99 to get your score, but I just offered this in case you want to check your Equifax score too)

I’ve personally used both Credit Karma and Credit Sesame, and I know they’re legitimate.


Stay informed and don’t pay when you can get it for FREE!


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