Balancing Work vs. Play and Making vs Spending Money

Life is full of interesting characters: frugal hermits the squeeze every penny and cut every coupon, spendthrifts in debt up to their eyeballs, and everything in between. Generally speaking in life you don’t want to be […]

creating a will

5 Things to Consider When Creating a Will

Being a legal declaration, a will is typically made for making dispositions of property to take effect on or after a person’s death. A will is a personalized legal document and can be made for appointing […]

help pay off debt

Do You Want to Pay Off Debt – Join the Debt Movement

Do You Want to Pay Off Debt? Well, the time is here… The time to decide if you finally want to stop struggling with money. The time to get your junk together and take steps toward […]

ask boss for a raise

How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise

One of the most uncomfortable work-related missions is having to ask your boss for a raise. This is especially problematic now, since so many employers are facing tight budgets and are very reluctant to give raises […]

take it all

NBC’s ‘Take It All’ – Ultimate Display of Greed

Take It All (a sick man’s version of a “game”) This past week Mrs. WSL (a.k.a. “Toots”) and I enjoyed some nights at home for a change. Our lives have been hectic so we were looking […]

freedom image

4 Keys to Achieving Financial Peace

Can you imagine having enough assets so that your entire income is covered by the interest, dividends, or rent generated by your investments? Could you imagine living a debt-free life and being able to take a […]

colosseum image

Top Things to Do While Traveling in Europe

I’ve been on a travel kick lately, and it is a lot of fun to start thinking about what to do in various trips around the world. My latest exploration online has led me to Europe, […]


When is the Right Time to Have a Baby, Financially?

Awhile back I wrote about 6 conversations you must have before you get married, but today I wanted to write about a particular question that a lot of couples our age have: is there a right […]

fighting over money image

Are You Fighting Over Money? Here Are the Top 3 Money Problems in Marriage

Are You and Your Spouse Fighting Over Money? With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, every couple has an uphill battle as they work to sacrifice, cooperate, and unite as one. While some marriages are doomed […]

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