creating a will

5 Things to Consider When Creating a Will

Being a legal declaration, a will is typically made for making dispositions of property to take effect on or after a person’s death. A will is a personalized legal document and can be made for appointing […]

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Boys Becoming Men: It Doesn’t Happen On Accident

Todd Mayfield is the co-founder at Fearless Men’s blog. He believes that manhood isn’t defined by pink vs. blue, being overtly sexual, how many chicks you get with, or being a total fool in public. He’s […]

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Are You Fighting Over Money? Here Are the Top 3 Money Problems in Marriage

Are You and Your Spouse Fighting Over Money? With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, every couple has an uphill battle as they work to sacrifice, cooperate, and unite as one. While some marriages are doomed […]

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When’s the Last Time You Picked Up a Book?

“The man who never reads will never be read; he who never quotes will never be quoted. He who will not use the thoughts of other men’s brains proves he has no brain of his own.” […]

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Money Won’t Make You Happy…But It Will Buy You Stuff!

“Money won’t make you happy …but everybody wants to find out for themselves.” – Zig Ziglar Some people say that ‘MONEY is the root of all evil.’ The problem is that we all need money to […]

Remember The Movie, Office Space?

I’d just like to preface today’s post with an acknowledgment: I wasn’t the greatest employee known to man. I am stubborn, have flaws, made life tough for my bosses (sometimes), and probably could have been a […]

No End In Sight

My post today is geared towards people that are overwhelmed with their situation; for people that have been fighting to get ahead for a long time, but seem unable to find traction or make significant progress. […]

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