long term care insurance quotes

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance Quotes

Following up on my article about the options available for taking care of elderly parents, in which I discussed the 4 main avenues available for people to do so. While some of the options may not […]

Comprehensive and collision coverage

Difference Between Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

Car insurance can protect you from the cost of repairing or replacing a car that is damaged in a car accident. Few of us are fully prepared for the costs that come with fixing, or replacing […]

best life insurance companies image

Best Term Life Insurance Companies

Term life insurance is more accessible than it ever has been before. It offers affordably low premiums and maximum coverage, and it is widely available to those in good health. Most leading financial advisers recommend term […]

life insurance

4 Things you Need to Know About Life Insurance

Insurance is one of the most vital aspects of financial planning. However, understanding life insurance and purchasing the correct product can be quite challenging: you need to be educated on from term to whole life, what […]


Making a Claim After a Car Accident

Being involved in a road traffic accident is stressful and traumatic, particularly if you have suffered an injury. And what can make the experience even more traumatic is a lengthy or drawn out claim for compensation […]

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Understanding the basics of various financial principles, concepts, and products is paramount to succeeding with your personal finances. With that in mind, today I wanted to focus on helping people understand how does life insurance work. […]

life insurance

Top Tips When Choosing Life Insurance

If you’re not married, then you might wonder what will happen to all your worldly possessions when you pass away. Do you have any savings to speak of? Any heirlooms or expensive items someone you love […]

home insurance image

Essential Home Insurance Coverage You Need to Have

Should you ever be unfortunate enough to have to make a claim on your home insurance, you do not want to be in the position where you have to cross your fingers and hope that you […]

What Can Life Insurance Cover

What Does Life Insurance Cover? 4 Ways to Help Your Legacy

One of the best parts about life insurance is that it’s a contract with an insurance company in which you select a beneficiary of the policy. The reason this is important is for the fact that […]

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