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Rebuild Your Credit Using Credit Cards

There are many reasons that people end up with poor credit. You know, though, that in order to get access to loans for major purchases (especially a home), you need to have a good credit score. […]


Even Good Debt Can Put You in a Bad Position

One of the debates that goes on in the personal finance world revolves around the concept of whether or not some debt can be good. It is true that some debt (like a home mortgage) is […]

the debt cycle

Having Trouble with the Debt Cycle? Stop Agreeing to More Debt!

In the wake of a menacing recession, U.S. consumers seem to be at a crossroads in debt accumulation and pay-off. While many households have spent the past few years paying off consumer debt, some are seeing […]

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5 Steps to Select the Best Debt Consolidation Program

We’ve talked before on WSL about debt consolidation and the pros and cons associated. While there are a number of types of debt consolidation, the point of today’s article is to help you determine the best […]

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Debt Movement Update – It’s Time to Rock, I Salute You!

If you’re a first-time visitor here at WSL, welcome! For those of you that have been around awhile, you know that I specifically dedicated the entire month of January to the Debt Movement where we’re working […]

pay down student loans quickly

SmarterBucks – Helping You Pay Down Your Student Loans More Quickly

Editor’s note: as we’ve reviewed various debt reduction strategies, implored you to consider using the cash envelope system to gain control over your spending, and having been writing numerous other posts to help readers pay off […]

debt avalanche image 1

Why I Chose the Debt Avalanche Method to Pay My Debts

As the new year starts up, so does the debate about the best way to pay your debts. There are a myriad of debt reduction strategies, but the debate rages on and centers around the two […]

debt free readyforzero image 3

ReadyForZero: The Fastest Way to Become Debt Free

As we begin a new year, we long to finally make this the year we make a lasting difference in our lives. While 2012 witnessed us throw our resolutions out the window by mid-January, 2013 brings […]

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Debt Reduction Strategy: The Debt Siege

In honor of The Debt Movement, an effort for consumers to join forces to pay off $10 million in debt over the course of 90 days, I’d like to talk about one of the debt reduction […]

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