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KevinKevin Mercadante is a professional personal finance blogger, and the owner of his own personal finance blog, He has backgrounds in both accounting and the mortgage industry. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and two teenage kids and can be followed on Twitter at @OutOfYourRut.

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How Big Should Your Emergency Fund Be?

There’s an ongoing debate as to how large an emergency fund should be. The amount needed will be different for each person, for each household, but I’d like to look at the question from a different […]


10 Reasons Why You Should Trade Down Your Home

If you’re dealing with a tight financial situation, a career crisis, the start of a new business, or you’re just worried about the direction of the economy, you need to read this. Often, after we’ve cut […]


Teaching Teens What Earning a Living is Like

Kids learn a lot as they move through life. There’s school work of course, but there’s also the many lessons they learn from their parents and families. And then there’s life — as kids grow and […]


6 Tips to Help You Catch Up on Your Retirement Savings

We all know about the importance of starting your retirement planning early in life. Start funding your retirement plans in your 20’s, continue feeding them throughout your working life, and by the time you’re 65 you’ll […]

Why You’re Better Off Investing in Index Funds

Investors often opt for actively managed mutual funds or ETF’s as a way to “beat the market”. Occasionally, over short spells, they may in fact beat the market. But these forays into managed funds can also […]

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5 Ways to Fast-Forward Your Retirement Savings

While most of us dream of a comfortable retirement, very few invest enough make those dreams a reality – or don’t invest anything at all – due to a lack of money available to do so. […]

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Ten Companies that Hire for Work-at-Home

At WSL, we encourage everybody to find jobs that they love and many people would love nothing better than a good, solid work-at-home arrangement – especially those of you that are stay at home moms. The […]

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What to Do About Medical Debt

A not-so-new type of debt is filling out the credit profiles of millions of people – medical debt. This has actually been going on for a long time, the difference today is that medical debts are […]

ask boss for a raise

How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise

One of the most uncomfortable work-related missions is having to ask your boss for a raise. This is especially problematic now, since so many employers are facing tight budgets and are very reluctant to give raises […]

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