5 Easy Ideas for Generating Content for Your Blog

As a new bloggers, it’s pretty easy to come up with dozens of posts. However, as time wears on, many people get writers block and ideas for new posts are hard to come by. Here are a few ideas that I’ve personally used that have kept me going:

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1. Expand on Books and Articles

I’ve gotten a countless number of future post ideas simply from reading. Whether it’s a book, reading other blogs, or browsing through MONEY Magazine, there is never a shortage of ideas if you’ve always got your finger on the pulse.

Stay up-to-date and read as much as you can. Save the articles or bookmark the posts and expand on their ideas (or critique them) in a post of your own.

2. See What the BIG Bloggers are Writing About

This may seem fairly obvious, but the bigger blogs have made it to the top for a myriad of reasons. As they sit on their perch and enjoy the benefits of that, they likely have a specific person (or department) that’s responsible for researching SEO, high-paying CPC words, and ideas/keywords that will yield high-traffic search engine results.

Visit their blogs, see what they’re focusing on, and write an article on a similar topic. While you may not rank as highly as they will, it’s still possible to stumble on a not-so competitive keyword and get in the top 5 on that particular article.

3. Expand on an Old Post

Having been at this blogging game for just over a year now, I look back at some of my dreadful beginner posts and shudder at the thought that I really submitted them for the world to read. So, visit some of your earlier posts and re-write them or expand off of your original concepts.

4. Ask Your Readers

You can also get ideas from your community of readers. Ask your readers what topics they’d like you to write on. When I asked, I got a TON of great ideas and it was refreshing to hear from MANY voices that don’t frequently (or ever) comment on my posts.

5. Ask Your Friends and Family

As many of you newbie bloggers know, your friends and family are more than happy to help you come up with dozens of ideas. While I never solicit for this type of information, if somebody knows you own a blog, then they’re generally more than happy to “help you out” and give you a tip on what to write about.

My mom has told me to write about coupons and Ebates, my grandma wants me to write more on retired living, and my brother wants me to be more like other bloggers and starting vlogging.

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By , on Mar 14, 2013
Andy Tenton
Andy is a 30-something New Yorker who turned his financial life around. He took charge of his finances, got out of debt, and is now working his way toward financial success. He is the publisher of WorkSaveLive.com.

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  1. Good cache of practical ideas. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Nice tips, I write notes on my cell phone when I get an idea for a post. I used to have money magazine subscription; I can maybe sign up again for a year. IT might be a great investment again.

  3. You can gain inspiration from everywhere, from outside sources or yourself. When I’m looking for inspiration, I like to read the news and talk to my friends and colleagues to see what topics are popular at the moment.

  4. Kelly says:

    Very good ideas. I completely agree that the number one best way to get ideas for your own writing is by reading as much as you can. Not only will you get ideas from posts or articles in magazines and online, but you will generate your own thoughts that you’ll never know where they lead. A good way to get ideas from other bloggers is to follow a bunch of influential Twitter accounts and see what people are tweeting about!

  5. One thing I like to do is look at my analytics and see what some of my more popular content has been over the long term and build more content that is similar to that or that can be expanded upon.

  6. Going back over old posts and writing what your audience wants to hear are the best pieces of advice I’ve heard all week thanks!

  7. Great tips! Thanks! I follow many of these when it comes to writing and I also use trending topics on Twitter to see what people are talking about and want/need to know more about

  8. Good tips. I’ve thought of a few interesting posts based off things I’ve read, or things people have said to me about their personal finances. So far I have a lot of things I want to write, but I’m sure over time I’ll be stumped.

  9. Great tips. I really enjoy the fans who come forward to share their personal stories. It’s a community I hope that I am building and not only do I enjoy sharing our world of finance but it’s nice to have others offer up their world. Cheers

  10. Much needed post. I will refer back to this post when I do get writer’s block, as I am just starting out and have a few ideas 🙂

  11. I’ve found the best place for new blog post ideas come from other blogs I read. I often read an article and have more I’d like to say on the subject. It’s nice to be original but lets face it,not much in this world is truly original.

  12. Either look for the current bee in your bonnet or it is life that provides the material to write! It is then a matter of remembering what you want to write about and having the skill to tell a good story.

    Using other people’s work is not a good idea – scraping may be considered plagiarism. Ensure that you have a copyright and origin in your RSS feed too – much scraping is automated.

  13. Paul Friar says:

    I have a list of potential new topics all in one folder of my Dropbox account, then each day depending on my mood I pick one from the list and start blogging about it.

    The rest of the time as I am going about my day there will be thoughts and ideas for new content that I quickly send over to my Dropbox folder and there it sits waiting for me to be in the mood to blog about it.

    So far this approach is working quite well for me, and just lately I haven’t felt short of something good to post about (or at least something that I think is good, which I realize is a different thing altogether!)

  14. Andy Hough says:

    I have trouble coming up with good ideas for posts. I need to get in the habit of writing down my post ideas when I think of them. I usually have several post ideas in my head but when I sit down to write I can’t think of any of them.

  15. Jose says:

    I try to capture my ideas for new posts on evernote. Sometimes they make it there! One good source of ideas ofr posts is current events! The stock market highs has inspired me for at least two posts

  16. krantcents says:

    I do all these things and more. I sometimes visit forums and see what is discussed, Yahoo Answers and read a lot of non financial material too.

  17. Debt RoundUp says:

    I get my inspiration from everyday life. My post yesterday dealt with a grocery shopping trip that went awry the previous day. I also have a long list of drafts that keep the mind fresh.

  18. Great tips! Thanks so much for this. Looking forward to hearing more.

  19. I have lots of ideas, but I never write them down and then when I’m in the mood to write. I draw a blank. Great ideas!

  20. I get my ideas from the following places:

    1) Questions that I want to answer.
    2) Comments or discussion with other bloggers.
    3) Stocks I’m interested in purchasing.
    4) Expansion on other articles that I’ve read.

  21. Michelle says:

    I have so many topics that I want to write about. I think my to do list for blog posts is probably over 30 long!

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