3 Ways to Make Money at Home with Your Own Business

There aren’t too many children who grow up dreaming of working at home. However, there are millions of adults dreaming of doing that very thing — millions dreaming of the elusive “work from home” position where they are the boss.

And while some might fear the isolation of no longer being in an office environment or hate the irregularity of paychecks if working as a freelancer, there are many reasons why some would choose to leave the 9-5 grind and chart their own course.


The biggest reason to ditch the day job and work for yourself at home? The earning potential is limitless. Also, gone are the days of a miserable commute and asking for time off if it’s needed.

If you need to make extra money or if you’re looking to make the work from home option work for you, here are a few options and things to consider:

Kitchen-Based Business Options

Perhaps you make a phenomenal cupcake. Perhaps your friends beg you to be the host of the monthly dinner party because you can cook anyone out of the kitchen. If your talents lie in all things edible, consider turning your kitchen into a money-making machine. A quick check of the local and state laws in your area and you could be on your way to your dream career — all in your own kitchen.

Sales-Based Business Options

For people with a knack for sales, consider opening up an online store via Etsy or eBay. Through it you can sell handmade gifts, artwork, miscellaneous items from around the house, items you’ve purchased at thrift stores or garage sales, etc. There have been countless stories of people who make hundreds of dollars a week just by selling used textbooks and the like on sites such as these.

If the online sales world isn’t your thing, consider becoming a sales rep for a direct marketing company. Yes, you will need to leave the house to host product parties or to ship items, but the majority of the tasks involved with a position like this can easily be taken care of at home.

Tech-Based Businesses

If you have specialized skills in the field of technology, there’s no reason why you can’t do those jobs from home. If you’re a software engineer or an app designer, you can do your job in your home office. Other tech jobs that work well from home and can easily be turned into home-based businesses are website designers, database and Excel experts and technical sales reps. CNN recently highlighted jobs where the pay is making a comeback after significant cuts and IT ranks high on the list.

No matter what you choose, working from home will require dedication and hard work, just like any in-office job. You’ll have to make sure to manage your time well in an effort to stay balanced and to stay on top of your financial needs.

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  1. Hans Rostek says:

    Doing tech work from home is a great idea. It’s important to evaluate your skills and talents and find out what you can do to make money online successfully! Of course, the biggest thing of all is just finding a system you feel comfortable with, and then getting started!

  2. Isa@CreditCardShoppe says:

    I agree, working at home is not for everyone. Some people do not have the discipline to stay focused in order to make it work. But the rewards are great for the people that are willing to spend many long hours and discipline to make an ‘at home’ business work. I would say though that the biggest reason to ditch the day job is to be your own boss.

  3. I would be very careful running a business out of your kitchen. There are so many laws for food preparation that it would make your head spin. You also have some great insurance when you sell food. One allergy and you are done.

  4. Michelle says:

    I am planning on starting a new business soon, and hopefully it works out well and I can work at home full-time!

  5. Very true. I requires a lot of discipline. I fall under the tech and also creative freelancer.

  6. “No matter what you choose, working from home will require dedication and hard work, just like any in-office job.” I could not agree more Kyle! My wife and I run our own business and while we work longer hours now than in our previous 9-5 jobs, it is definitely worth it. We get to benefit directly from our hard work and make a very decent living at it to boot.

  7. JT says:

    My daughter started a little Etsy shop as part of a hobby and is making some decent money at it now while in college.

  8. I know several people who make a very nice living working from home. I hope to be one of them one day!

  9. I wouldn’t say that the earnings potential is limitless. The first two of the work at home jobs described above have hard limits. Eg. It takes a certain amount of time and ingredients to make X number of cupcakes.

    But I do think that these suggestions could be great ways for otherwise stay at home men and women to make money. With some luck and a lot of effort, I do feel these kinds of businesses could bring in some respectable income.

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